Throwback August 2012, Seoul Fangirl Time


Why Muse said ‘Our time is running out’? Coz I feel it’s not running anymore, it’s flying for sure…….

It’s been a year since my first solo traveling aboard. It’s been a year since I got a chance to visit Korea. It’s been a year and I STILL CANT MOVE ON WOAH

I just realize it’s not just me who cant move on with those ‘Inha-summer-school-thingy’, but everyone that I know too! Maybe because it’s just too good to be true or maybe because we realized it’s hard to happen again. Idk which one in my side.

With this post, i’m going to #throwback my memories from a year ago. I mostly just wanna share my kpop experience thingy there lol But please dont ask why i dont have much photo, I went alone without proper camera :((((


  1. July 28th, 12. The first time i went to another country. I remember it’s hard to leave my parents since I WENT ALL BY MY SELF. But still im proud of my self that i brave enough (maybe all bcs of those idols).
  2. July 29th, 12. ARRIVED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA!!!!! okay its seems like my turning point. i finally can see the world (?) LOL but yeah nothing can buy that happiness to step in Kr. Trust me~
  3. Start from July 30th until August 17th I was a student for Inha University Summer School. The only happiest thing at school is……. i got a lot of new friends since i went alone lolImageImage
  4. August 4th, 12. I went to Yeosu alone just for 2012 Asia Song Festival. It’s surely faaaaaaar away from my dorm. It tooks 5hours by bus from Incheon to Yeosu. But TADAAAAAA i watched a lot of idols there YAY! Teentop, Sistar, B1A4, ZE:A, MBLAQ, Kim Hyun Joong kkk it’s meaningful and it turned me as multifandom again zzzzzzzzImage
  5. August 7th, 12. I met BEAST’s Yoseob parents. I went to met Anda Eka Putri, one of Indonesian students in Korea. I met her to have a breakfasting together and took my BEAST Midnight Sun Gold album. As fellow b2uty, she took me to Yoseob parents restaurant. They are so kind huhu we even opened the limited editon of Midnight Sun together. I said Yoseob is handsome but his mother said Yoseob looks like a baby LOLImage
  6. August 8th, 12. I WATCH INFINITE THAT SUMMER CONCERT!!!! okay idk what to say about this. Maybe Infinite and I just somekind of DESTINY lol since i dont even know them well back in Indonesia (my dad told me that Be Mine is really cool so I watch it). And suddenly i found that they will make 5days concert, but the tix already sold out. I just tweeted that I want to watch it and Ka Stellia have one more tix!!! I finally watched them without knowing much of their song.Image So in the end i just focused my self to Sunggyu. BUT ALL I CAN SAY IS IM INSPIRIT NOW BECAUSE OF THAT CONCERT LOL
  7. August 10th, 12. Opening of S.M.ART Exhibition. Too bad i just came after EXO member out of the venue. But yeah at least it’s kinda amazing exhibition tho.480084_4071515877756_1981143416_n
  8. August 11th, 12. WATCH SUPER JUNIOR “SPY” COMEBACK AT MUSIC CORE!!! It’s kinda hard from the start since I dont have their album at first. But then got their album near MBC and watch their comeback. SUPERB!!There’s unforgettable moment! When we out from MBC, SHINee’s van is passing us by. At that time, Taemin appeared on the window. He greeted me and my friends first before we realize it was him /darn20120811_155007
  9. August 12th, 12. SBS Inikagayo time!! Beast comeback with Naega Aniya + Midnight Sun….. After the pre-recording, I waited for their van. Unfortunately they were not opening the window. But Doojoon said thankyou for b2uty and told to go back safely :’)20120812_100346capture_134-1
  10. August 14th, 12. KBS Olympic Cheering Concert in Yeouido Park. I skipped my morning class for this lol because i need to queue earlier. There’s a huge number of korean fans (mostly student bcs it’s summer holiday). It’s kinda opportunity for me to watch so many idols : Kara, G.NA, Infinite, Sistar, Beast, CNBlue, and i forgot the rest lmao
  11. I met Chanyeol in front of SM Entertainment too!!! hahaha but i forgot the date when i was there (since there’s no photo of it). I was waiting someone to go in or our SM building and Chanyeol was the one i found there. Instead of taking his photo, i just starring blankly at him *~*
  12. August 18th, 12. Time to say goodbye to this paradise. Can I just live there, please?

There’s not so many story from me in Seoul other than Kpop. But yeah there’s the greatest part to have an experience as a total fangirl in Korea. I hope i can go back at least 2014. Im not gonna say, I miss Seoul really bad since I lived in Incheon before. But I do miss Korea a lot tho :’)


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