Playlist No.1 “Call You Mine” by Jeff Bernat

Start from August, I’ll share my daily playlist through my blog. YAY! Some songs will be out with a full of my memories. But another song maybe just out randomly. My first song on my playlist is “Call You Mine” by Jeff Bernat! (gogogo listen it!)

Can I call you my own, and can I call you my lover

Call you my one and only girl

Can I call you my everything, call you my baby

You’re the only one who runs my world

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(Really) Cheap Recommended Hotel Near MEIS for Low-Budget Concert Trip

Recently, there’s a lot of Kpop concert in Indonesia take a place at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. For fans from outside Jakarta, it’s not so hard to find a hotel near MEIS. There’s even a hotel in Ancol, right? But the problem is……….. not all of Kpop fans have a lot of money for hotel. We already spent a huge money for the tix as well as transportation budget (airplane, train, or travel tix).

That’s why I wanna share my review about this hotel. I made this post based on my own experience. I do not own any pics in this post since I don’t even remember to take a photo there lol

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