How To Meet Your Oppa! (Part 1)


Recently, people around me as well as my little sister always ask me how can I meet my oppars (LOL) so often. But i just answered it like “i do nothing but save my money for it”. Then I started to think my I’ve really done in this past three years. YES i’ve been in this kpop concert for 3 years *dont ever try to calculate how much money i lost for it* But for me, watching my fave group’s concert is the best appreciate for them in music industry.

I’m just a college student in Bandung. I get IDR 50K from my parents on schooldays (i never go to college 5 days a week, maybe only 3 days) and another IDR 50K in weekdays for playing around. I don’t have any credit card or another saving. I do not own any job, but luckily i’m a voluntary writer and photographer on one of the biggest kpop site in Indonesia. But here i’m going to share my experience as a fan who buy a concert tix! \o/ Continue reading “How To Meet Your Oppa! (Part 1)”


Want To Study In Korea Because Of Kpop Wave? Better Think Twice!


Don’t want to study in Korea just because of Kpop Wave

Recently, there’s a lot of peoples seek a scholarship to Korea. They ask on Korean student community board and even added “I’ll give my best” like what we always hear in Korean drama. Many of them are also adding a false profile on Facebook page with some Korean related school and university. With this kind of case, we think that it must be something wrong on it. Continue reading “Want To Study In Korea Because Of Kpop Wave? Better Think Twice!”