Review: ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ – How does it feel for non-gamer

warcraft movie poster

I’m not either a gamer or movie junkie, but this newest movie in theater got me. Joining the early summer hype with Angry Bird, another game-to-movie adaptation has been released. Warcraft comes to big screen after 12 years in game industry, a long time game from Blizzard Entertainment.

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Being Someone’s Comfort Zone

“I don’t think he even cares about having a relationship with Selena, she’s just a comfort zone,” Wendy Williams on

Sebuah kutipan dari Wendy Williams tentang kabar Selena Gomez dan Orlando Bloom jalan bareng sehabis Met Gala menginsipirasi saya untuk bikin tulisan baru. Pernahkah kalian — secara sadar atau nggak– jadi comfort zone seseorang? Saya pernah.

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