Review: ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ – How does it feel for non-gamer

warcraft movie poster

I’m not either a gamer or movie junkie, but this newest movie in theater got me. Joining the early summer hype with Angry Bird, another game-to-movie adaptation has been released. Warcraft comes to big screen after 12 years in game industry, a long time game from Blizzard Entertainment.

I’ve been read a question once, “But if you’ve never played Warcraft the game, can you care about Warcraft the movie?” Yes, I can and maybe some non-gamers and movie junkies too. Maybe we don’t even know what kind of war it would be, but for me, this simply because of the line-up of the actors and how much medias pay attention to this new released.



Come with a fresh mind, a non-gamer will be on their ease and there’s no high expectation about Warcraft. With this kind of mind, I enjoyed how the race between human and an orc -the green giant mystical creatures- happens in planet Azeroth. “Our world was dying and I had to find my clan a new home,” become an orc named Durotan’s (played by Toby Kebbel) motivation to join the war against human.

In 2 hours-long movie, a non-gamers will have a chance to get to shortly know about who is who. The tagline Two Worlds, One Home described well through a story from a human commander Anduin Lothar (played by Travis Fimmel) to his rival, an orc frightened leader Gul’dan (played by Daniel Wu) who becomes Durotan leader too. Get ready to pay attention to another cast cause there’s Paula Patton, Ben Foster, and heartthrob Ben Schnetzer who arguably play a significant roles.



There’s no such a feeling of ‘lost’ just because i haven’t seen or played the game before. One by one cast is naturally involved to the story and everything makes sense to a person like me. The battles are not dominated as I thought before. Still can feel the balance between the war story-line, brutal attack between human and mystical creatures, and also a warm feeling as we can see in family story.

Served in also 3D movie, watch it in 2D will be fine. There’s no outstanding motion from this movie that will give you a loose feeling to watch it in 2D. But, i have to admitted that the CGI was clearly served. As stated in the title, it looks like the only ‘The Beginning’ from the Warcraft series. Let’s chill and give a sequel some kind of chance later.


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