I hope you know… I can’t stop listening to your song


Srsly, why am i so mellow?

Last night, i realized something….. i listen too many songs these days. How could i listen to almost 50 songs a day? 10-15 of them could be a new songs each day and the rest maybe just my regular playlist on repeat. How could i survive this far?

It feels like i only enjoy music. I don’t really watch TV (i don’t have one now), i’m not really into K-drama. I start to write a lyric, start to play my mini guitar again, start to make a sample song even in office. I fall all over again for music. Whatever song you gave me, i’ll give 3 damn times before saying “it’s not my type”.

So, i let my self to write about this even without any purpose. What a pity if i’m not sharing what songs i’ve been listening to. I’ll only write a song that i can’t stop listening in the past month. Maybe you can start to listen to these songs too. But yeah, again, all of them are Kpop songs. Here’s the list of my latest addiction:


Park Jimin – 19 to 20

This is the latest album of Park Jimin and OMG WHY I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO EACH SONG? *stress* Since released on Aug. 23, i still listening to this album everyday. This album consist of 6 songs, with tittle track λ‹€μ‹œ (Try).

I was starting to like this album from a songs called Walkin’Β andΒ Answer, both songs sound so American pop and have Ariana Grande’s feel on it. But, these days i listen to to him more. If you could see my Youtube history, you’ll see that i watch every live of her performance mostly on radio. Park Jimin deserve more stages!


Seventeen – Q&A

It’s been 2 weeks since their fan meeting in Jakarta but yeah, I STILL CAN’T MOVE ON! LOL Especially from this song. I replay this songs min. twice a day. The first one on my mp3 playlist and another one is from a video above. That video was taken by a fans from Shining Diamonds in Jakarta. Every time i watch it, the feeling of our meeting is coming back all over again hahahaha

I got my self my own fancam of this Q&A song. But it’s too shaky and there’s my voice all over it because i was singing happily. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY MY FAVE SONG OF THEM AFTER PRETTY U AND ROCK!


Basick – Nice (ft. Hwasa, G2)

Jump unexpectedly to this song because i was listening to random song by Basick. Can’t help but FALL SO F*CKING NICE! The music, the rap, Hwasa’s voice blend so smooth and i keep listening this song for about a month. My fave edm-kinda-song. (PS: this radio edit is so awkward because i keep saying its so fucking nice and the lyric turns to be baby its so nice)


NCT 127 – Mad City

Already warned my self not to listen to NCT because i might fall to them. And yes, as predicted, that kid called Mark baby trap me. I’m not really into NCT U music, but NCT 127 is such an exception! Their album is sooooooooooo good! WHY I’M SUCH AN SM TRASH?

I could play this album 3 times in repeat a day without even get bored. I love each song, but the song called Mad City is such a lit. Go listen and support NCT too!


Black Pink – Boombayah

Keep claiming that i’m not YG stan and can’t keep up with their music, yet have 2 official YG artist’s light sticks, a hardcore fan of WINNER, and even keep repeating this song like crazy 😳

At first, the new girl group Black Pink failed to catch my attention because they are too similar with 2NE1. But, the catchy phrase YAYAYAYA BOOMBAYAH! keep replaying on my head as my friend play this song on loop. I still haven’t watched their MVs yet up till now. I don’t even downloading this song too lol just listen on Spotify is enough.


Beside these 5 songs, i have several songs that i keep listening from earlier this week. A total jam! Can’t wait for SHINee, Infinite, 2PM, Apink, GOT7 and BTS’s new albums this month!!!!! πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘

Red Velvet – Some Love

Oh My Girl – 1 Step 2 Step

NCT DREAM – Chewing Gum

(P.S edited: i wanna say thankyou for whoever behind those songs. Thanks for letting me hear them every day and night. Thanks for making me alive. Thanks for being my suvivor.)


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