Will I ever say these things to my future boyfriend?


 Post ini dibuat karena penulis gak bisa tidur sampai jam 2 malam. Post ini dibuat karena penulis terpapar kisah cinta fan-fiction yang cukup parah malam itu.


“Babyyyy you look so good in this pic!”
I say this a lot… on Twitter… while mentioning my idol. Because he is really good in that photo and i cant handle myself. It will be awkward to say this to a real person.

“Is it okay to have a girlfriend like me?”
I dont think i would dare to say this. I dont think ill let him realized that i was a wrong person or i wasnt good enough. I would just thank God for that opportunity.

“OMG my idol just released his newest album!”
The scariest thing to say. Wonder if being a hardcore fangirl is totally okay for him. Ive said this before, but got a nightmare after that.

“Can i lay in your body?”
Weird, isnt it? Im just curious is it okay to just lay down on his body. Coz sometimes i really wanna do that kinda thing when i was super tired or having a hard time.

“Thankyou for being born.”
It sounds cheesy af. But i really hope one day i can say this to someone that loving me to the fullest.

**to be continued, to be edited, to be yours**


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