Me throughout the year of 2016


Am i good enough to pat my self and say “Have a rest, you’ve done this far“?

The biggest movement you have done this year?
– Moved to the smaller company with bigger daily responsibility but luckily manage to have fun all the way.
– Said ‘NO’ to most of the people that i cant get along with.

Any unforgettable moment with your family?
– This is the first year i spent my birthday alone. But Ibu sent me a super long message on Line. Thats kind sweet and rare.

How about friendship?
– Got a number of new co-workers, but havent made a new friend yet.
– Lost 2 best friends in a year. Both are leaving me a scars, but wish them a tons of good luck without me.

The most unexpected thing happened?
– Being in a new Kpop fandom all over again. I feel like a newbie fangirl because of the group called Seventeen.
– I went to Surabaya by train alone. Such a new experience.
– Crawling back to relationship. Trusting new people and let him to know me well.


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